Property Consultancy

We undertake targeted searches for premium flats, houses and commercial sites and help our clients acquire the right property at the best purchase price possible.
Book now an initial Free consultation.

If you are looking to invest we are offering a 30 minutes free consultation where we can discuss the best investment strategies for you.

We can assist you in every step of the property purchase.

If you are looking to buy property as an investment or for residential purposes, we can advise you on all aspects of the real estate market and buying process.

We will shortlist for you the best opportunities with the aim of maximising your investment and will help you throughout the entire process of acquisition of the property.

We provide informed and objective advice on the merits and disadvantages of properties for clients who are looking to buy.

Why we are different.

While estate agents work in the exclusive interest of the vendor and are under no legal obligation to support and assist the buyer, we differentiate from selling agents as we work exclusively on behalf of the buyer and we provide the property expertise needed to buy real estate in London and UK, thus maximising the return on investment and reducing the risk.

  • 1Advice on the main aspects of the United Kingdom real estate market
  • 2Bespoke research of real estate opportunities both on the market and off-market
  • 3 Advice on the specific, technical and legal characteristics of the property you intend to buy
  • 4 Independent and professional assessment of the value of the property
  • 5Negotiation of the purchase price in the best interest of the buyer
  • 6Co-ordination of the purchase process
  • 7Advice on the typology of survey to be carried out on the property
  • 8Support on tax and administrative aspects
  • 9Refurbishment and renovation of the property
  • 10Lettings and Management of the property

How we work

Preliminary meeeting

Our consultancy service begins with 30 minutes free of charge preliminary meeting, in which we endeavour to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements.
During the meeting we will also show you the different options we provide our clients on how we can work together. The meeting will be at our office or, if the client resides overseas, through a video call.

Activation Agreement

Following the preliminary meeting, we would require our clients to commit and sign an activation agreement in order for us to proceed.

Bespoke Research & Acquisition Advice

We search the most interesting properties available in different areas of London and select the best investment opportunities in the exclusive interest of our clients.
We extensively monitor the London real estate market, and this allows us to provide the best available deals. Our sourcing includes both properties on the market and off – market through estate agencies and private vendors.
We shortlist the best properties on your behalf and organise a guided tour with you. Thanks to our help and services, finding your perfect property is made much easier and quick.

Price Valuation and Offer

Once we have found your ideal property, we will assist you in all negotiations in order to ensure that the property is purchased at the best possible price and conditions.

Acquisition Process

As soon as an offer has been accepted, we then co-ordinate the entire property purchase process up to completion, by acting on your behalf and overseeing the purchase process with all parties involved, including solicitors, surveyors, estate and managing agents.

Post-completion Services

We also offer post-completion services, including any necessary renovation of the property. If you are buying as in investment, we can offer you a tailored lettings and management service.

We will work exclusively on your behalf. Get in touch for an initial free of charge consultation.