Renting individual bedsits rather than an entire dwelling house helps the investor increase the income, cashflow and yield generated by the asset.
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We specialize in the best-rewarding Co-living development strategies

Co-living/HMOs (House in Multiple Occupation) are residential buildings that consist of multiple rooms or bedsits with communal and amenity areas. Renting individual rooms rather than an entire dwelling house helps the investor increase their income, cashflow and yield generated by the asset. At the same time, this type of accommodation allows tenants to live as part of a community and enjoy wonderfully designed shared spaces, with the comfort of being able to retreat to their own fully furnished private space at the end of the day.

The demand for accommodation is increasing in London, and there is currently a lot of pressure on the housing market to supply affordable and flexible living solutions for different types of tenants. Our HMO developments provide self-contained bedsits and studio flats that work for different tenant profiles, from students to young professionals.

We specialize in this investment and development strategy because the returns they achieve are extraordinary. Indeed, gross rental yields are generally twice higher than those generated by standard single buy-to-let properties.


of UK graduates are in London


renting % increase since 2008


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of private renters are 25-34


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The benefits of HMO investments are primarily:
  • Higher cash flows and rental yields
  • Tax benefits
  • Very high occupancy rates (thanks to the higher demand for smaller and more affordable accommodations).
Our strategy

Our strategy consists of creating high-standard self- contained studios with en-suite shower rooms and kitchenettes, as well as spacious communal areas, such as living rooms and kitchens, gyms, patios & gardens and other highly desired facilities.

HMO development is a proven strategy that can provide rental yields of 20%+ per annum in perpetuity to investors, at a very low risk.

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