Build to Rent &
Build to Sell

Build to rent involves the construction of dwellings specifically for the rental market, rather than the more traditional route in which developers build dwellings which they then sell, either to householders or to landlords.
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Build to Rent

Build to rent creates a longer-term business model in which income is generated over time from renting dwellings, rather than a one-off sale the profitability of which will depend on short-term market fluctuations.

Ourselves and our power team work closely with the investor to establish long-term goals and to build his/her own property portfolio. We at Habitat Investments are experts at building property portfolios generating high net rental incomes and with the best potential of capital growth (in particular, through HMOs, hotels and serviced accommodations).

Our team undertakes all the work from start to finish through all phases, such as property sourcing, refurbishment, refinancing, rental and – when the time is right – the sale of the asset.

The UK property market, specifically the Private Rental Sector (PRS), is experiencing a variety of challenges and economic pressures which is likely to see the market change significantly over the next decade.

As central government places increasing pressure on the traditional landlord, the institutions and private investors are turning their efforts to exploring the emerging sub-market of private, residential stock which has the opportunity to be designed and developed specifically for renting rather than for sale.

In line with these market trends, at Habitat Investments we are similarly aligning our focus and allocating resources to building out purpose built, rental accommodation.

These schemes will be developed and held in the Habitat Investments portfolio as long term investments supplying the PRS with high quality rental stock, this in turn will be serviced to the highest standards via our sister Portfolio Management Company

Build to Sell

This option focuses on flips (purchase, refurb, resell), commercial conversions into multiple units and land development with a pre-determined exit of under three years. It generally generates larger portions of capital and helps give the investor’s property portfolio a cash injection.

This strategy is more popular with high net-worth individuals, business angels and company directors looking for fast great returns on their investment.

These tend to be large, exciting projects requiring a higher level of investment capital but resulting in a large lump sum income over 2-3 years.

The most recent strategy within which Habitat Investment has invested is the area of land development and new build construction.

The UK continues to face a house building crisis. A decade ago, the Barker Review of Housing Supply noted that on average 250,000 homes needed to be built every year to prevent spiralling house prices and a shortage of affordable homes.

That target has been consistently missed, creating increasing pressure on the shortage in supply of desirable accommodation across the country.

Whilst not a core focus of our company’s strategy or existing portfolio, new build construction is an area of interest that will be explored within the coming months and years as the pipeline of viable sites and schemes come to completion.

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